Surfing with Moses

December 26th 2018 / Goff Tours / Dana Point, CA.

Surfing with Moses family took place at Doheny Beach, CA. First of all, Goff Tours is based out of Laguna Beach and offers surfing lessons to all ages. Students young and old that are able to swim. Doheny is a proper learning spot in Southern California and known for it’s user friendly waves. Most noteworthy for a family of four who have very little knowledge of the ocean, this is the place to be. In addition to all participating in this sport they all succeeded. Furthermore they were all able to catch waves and leave with a smile. Finally, Doheny this time of year is uncrowded and offers small waves depending on the swell. Probably in your best interest if your instructor is real knowledgable about the swells and its conditions. Because the ocean’s elements could turn on you in a heart beat. Especially relevant like the wind and its changing currents.

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