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All year Long / Goff Tours / Laguna Beach, CA.

First of all, Surf Lessons in Laguna Beach have come a long way from the past. The foam surfboards were made very durable and sturdy for learning on. The wetsuits became very warm and the material became very flexible. Taking a surfing lesson from an experienced instructor is very important. This person should have patience and high volume surfing skills. Most of all, great equipment. Surfboards today were designed to be more stable in the water and float the student. If the surfboard is too small, the student will have a harder time paddling the board. Most instructors only teach the basics, Goff Tours teaches timing and techniques. In order to complete the wave, the surfer must ride the wave to shore. I solidify your stance and confidence, that’s why I stand out among the rest. Finally, I have surfed all over the world, have more surf knowledge, taught more students.

Private surfing lesson-$110  1 1/2 hrs
Semi-private 2 or more $90 1 1/2 hrs- per person
All inclusive- board, wetsuit,instructor
Bring your bathing suit, towel, and a smile, I’ll do the rest!

Pictures or video of session is offered upon request.

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