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Surfing Lessons/ SUP Tours  / RENTALS / Laguna Beach, CA.

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Book now to reserve your Surfing Lesson or SUP Tour.  Typically we’ll meet at the top of Thaila St. stairs.for Surfing to meet and greet. In addition to signing a waiver release form. This is mandatory. If you’re joining me on a Surfing Lesson or SUP Lesson/Tour, (StandUp Paddleboard)  we’ll typically meet at the best location. Locations sometimes vary, so it’s best to call. Early bookings will guarantee you a better time slot. Busy seasons during the year will fill up fast, so it’s always better to call in advance. Certain information on a need to know basis, like what the ocean water levels are doing (tides) and what the waves are doing. This information is possible up to two weeks in advance. All students must give their height and weight to ensure the proper equipment. Please give 24 hours notice before cancellation, or a $50 dollar non refundable payment will be applied. Asking questions is not frowned upon but in fact recommend for the individual who plans on taking a surfing lesson or Standup paddle board lesson/ Tour and is curious  what their getting themselves into. In fact this is normal behavior and is encouraged. Goff will give you the best advice possible.

                     RENTALS ARE AVAILABLE ALSO

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