SUP TOURS-Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

SUP Tours, Cruising the coast on a Stand up paddle board can be the best time ever, but if your not sea worthy. Than it’s best you probably should try taking a Lesson. First of all, six out of ten people say that they paddle boarded. In addition, tried it on a Lake or even the Harbor. Quite frankly the ocean is very different, the elements can sneak up on you quickly. Most people won’t admit that their afraid or have fear. My job is to help you overcome and adapt to your surroundings. As a qualified SUP instructor, I tighten up all your weak spots, giving you confidence and assurance while paddling. I’m not suggestion that most people can’t do it, I’m just stating that you’ll have a much better time out in the ocean. Finally, after taking a water safety orientation, and learning some basic techniques.

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Dana point harbor Tour

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