Michael’s Surfing Lesson

March 24th 2019 / Goff Surf School / Laguna Beach, CA.

Michael’s Surfing Lesson was an advanced surfing lesson. So this is not Michael’s first time surfing. He had surfed before and wanted to fine tune his skills. Goff owner of Goff Surf School offers advanced training. Goff is able to take a surfer to the next level no matter what age they are. I had been teaching for many years and have trained many students. Because Michael was a little discouraged of his first lesson, he told me he surfed with another outfit. Most noteworthy he explained he didn’t learn much. Most likely they weren’t as educated and skilled like his instructor Goff. Thus he told me after his first session with me that he learned alot. He had returned shortly to follow up on his techniques. I had been correcting Michael with his bad habits out in the water. If not trained properly, students are able to constantly repeat bad decisions. As a result it takes longer to achieve their goals. Michael had a hard time finding his placement on the board. Also he was very slow sitting up on the board as he turned it. With multiple attempts I was able to train him out smart the board while staying in control.

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Michael’s Advanced Surfing Lesson

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