Liam and Teig’s Surfing Lesson

March 23rd 2019 / Goff Surf School / Laguna Beach, CA.

This is Liam and Teig’s Surfing Lesson in Laguna Beach. First of all, these are two brothers in search of a rush. The kind of rush that stays with you for a long time. A kind of an adrenaline that soothes the soul. This is know as Surfing, a popular sport that is getting very well known through out the world. While doing some research, Liam and Teig contacted the best surf instructor in Laguna Beach. His name is Goff, owner of Goff Surf School and Goff Tours. Goff has been teaching for quite some time and has mastered the art of techniques of surfing. Most noteworthy Liam and Teig were excited about taking a surfing lesson and were anxious to get in the water. Goff explained some brief rules on what to do and what not to do. As a result these two were locked and loaded and ready to go. Teigs first wave, he made it look so easy. Consequently his brother Liam rolled straight across his wave with style and grace too. Furthermore Liam and Teig’s Surfing Lesson in Laguna Beach was Fairly easy. Because they both took direction very well and also were great listeners. They both were able to catch their own waves and stand up their first time. Finally, It also helps to have a little encouragement from a family member participating in a sport. most all the work is normally done with a skilled instructor. In this case, both of these guys were very athletic so they made it look easy.

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