Laguna Surfing Lesson together

December 10th 2018 / Goff Surf School / Laguna Beach, CA.

Laguna Surfing Lesson together with Goff Surf School.  First of all, this was Kevin and Kate taking their first surfing lesson together in Laguna Beach. Seems like the waves were perfect that day for the both of them. 2 to 3 foot in size and the tide was just right as well for learning. The tides play a big part in Laguna because they get extremely high and then low. Therefore this lesson had been scheduled perfectly. Most noteworthy, not all surf school base their lessons on the tides. Especially relevant Goff surf school has been teaching for many years and will give you the best experience ever. Due to the nature of this surf school you will receive professional instruction. Most of all the most qualified instructors. In conclusion this father and daughter day was spectacular because they were able to do this sport together. Finally, before you book your next surfing lesson, make sure he or she knows how to surf.

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