Laguna Beach Beginner Surfing

February 18th 2019 / Goff Tours / Laguna Beach, CA.

This Laguna Beach Beginner Surfing lesson took place at Thalia St. First of all this was Nathan and Kristin’s first surfing lesson. They chose Goff Tours in Laguna Beach. Goff Tours has the best success rate and best equipment. Surf instructor and surf guide Goff has been doing this for a long time. In addition to meeting Nathan and Kristin, I saw a fire in their eyes. These two were determined to surf today. After telling me they were from Canada, I realized this ocean temperature was nothing to them. Wetsuits were provided for their warmth. Most noteworthy, we practiced a bit standing up before we entered the ocean. Due to a couple other people out there. We basically had it all to our selves. Nathan and Kristin were splitting waves while getting to watch each other surf. Taking a semi private surfing lessons allows you to enjoy the sport with a friend or family. As a result of the ocean tides, instructor Goff timed it out just right. In the winter the tides are very extreme. The tides produce some real highs and lows which limit your surfing. To a real surfer, this is a daily ritual. But to a beginner, it’s a math question. If you want the best, try Goff Tours in Laguna Beach. CA.

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Surfing lesson with Nathan and Kristin

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