Valentine Surfing

February 12th 2019 / Goff Tours / Laguna Beach, CA.

This was a pre Valentine Surfing lesson. First of all this was Eddie and Jennifers second surfing lesson with Goff Tours. Jennifer went to a local surf shop and they recommend Goff. Goff is the best they said. Jennifer took a chance, and ended up learning a lot from instructor Goff. Most noteworthy surfed that day for her first time. Her friend Eddie took it upon himself and listened to Jennifer to participate with her. Eddie had brought his own board and was determined to ride it. This type of board is wider than most but is certainly possible. In addition to having a stable board, being centered is a must. The waves were breaking close to shore I decided to use some leashes. This prevents them from chasing after their boards. It was two days before valentine’s day and a beautiful day it was. Rumor had it the rain was in the forecast on Valentines day. Probably not the type of day you want to surf in. Because of the ocean run off. The ocean water was a bit chilly for this time of year but that didn’t stop Eddie and Jennifer. In conclusion to catching many waves a piece between these two. Especially relevant for Eddie to use his own surf board. Puts him at ease and to look forward to his next paddle out.

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Eddie and Jennifer at Thalia St.

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