Surfing Honolua Bay 2019

January 13th 2019 / Goff Tours / Honolua Bay, HI.

Surfing Honolua Bay 2019 in January was a blast. First of all, this was a north-west swell that was perfect for the bay. This is one of the longest right hander waves in the world. Because this wave needs the right direction in order to push the swell. Seems like there was a combination of north west and a mix of a west as well. In addition to this high pressure system, a new swell is building and I caught it just right. Consequently when the swell is happening there is a ton of people out in the line up. As a result, out of 75 surfers in the water, there is usually 15-20 of them that are consistently catching the majority of the waves. The rest are just hanging out in the lineup catching those left over waves that the good surfers didn’t catch. Most noteworthy, the stronger paddler wins in this aggressive sport. Being an aggressive surfer you must build up a tolerance to catch as many waves. Finally, a strong swimmer is at his best in the beginning and then his energy level declines.

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