Standup at Divers

January 26th 2019 / Goff Tours / Laguna Beach, CA.

Standup at Divers, took place in the morning. First of all, this was Frank and Ali’s first time in the ocean with Goff Tours. The ocean’s conditions were amazing, there was so much to see. In addition to paddling out about a hundred yards we were able to see dolphins, different types of fish. Because the water visibility was clear the ocean floor lit up. Opposite, the coastal birds were awesome as well, an opportunity that awaits. Especially relevant to getting out there early before the wind, we were able to paddle a great distance before the chop set in. Finally, after a wonderful journey out on the open water, we just missed a pod of Humpback whales that were heading south to migrate. Its always best to keep a distance from the whale to let them explore in their natural habitat. Too many boats and people are getting too close to these migrating whale and are scaring them off their path. Standup at Divers can be done right if you choose to. Please take the time to respect our oceans and the animals in it.

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Frank and Ali 1-26-19

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