New Years Ride

January 1st 2019 / Goff Tours / Laguna Beach, CA.

New Years Ride took place in Laguna Beach with Goff Tours. First of all, this was this family’s first time visiting Laguna and also their first time surfing. While they were at the beach, I noticed this family had taken a surfing lesson with another outfit, yet none of them surfed. They left disappointed and as I was finishing up with one of my students. Consequently, I noticed that they were returning with boards they rented and tried to surf on their own. Most noteworthy is was New Years day and I was feeling quite generous. I had asked the dad if I could get his determined son a wave, he replied yes of course. Therefore one thing led to another and I found myself giving all of his kids the ride of their lives. As a result the facial expressions said it all. I was very pleased with how that day turned out, and was glad I could assist in a grateful family who was baffled by me and my great instruction. Finally, before I left the beach the dad shook my hand and was very appreciative with my generosity. Thus made my day and the beginning of 2019.

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Family Surf on New Years Day 2019

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