Laguna Beach Surf Lessons

March 3rd 2019 / Goff Tours / Laguna Beach, CA.

These Laguna Beach Surf Lessons are a combination of private surfing lessons. First of all, these are four different students named Vincent, Andrey, Matt and Bryce. They all took private lessons from Goff in Laguna Beach. Because the winter season is empty in the ocean and the water is a bit colder. Goff Tours offers wetsuits that are warm for his students. While the crowds are gone and there is more open space to surf. As a result each person has the entire beach to themselves. Crowded Surf means less waves for those who are beginners learning to surf. Most noteworthy, students are able to concentrate on themselves versus other people. Laguna Beach Surf Lessons are crowded due to the large number of kids out of school. Most people think it’s too many tourist. Vincent, Andrey, Matt and Bryce were so stoked to catch a bunch of waves in a small time with Goff. Teaching timing and technique is a big deal when it comes to learning. All students are different in the ocean and progress differently as well. It really doesn’t matter if your athletic, it’s how you outsmart the ocean and the waves.

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