Holiday Surf Lesson

December 24th 2018 / Goff Tours / Laguna Beach, CA.

This Holiday Surf Lesson was at Thalia St. in Laguna Beach. First of all, it was Christmas Eve 2018 and these three students were eager to surf. The wave were a little more intimidating this day. Due to the waves, I took them out one at a time to save their energy. This allows me to stay close by the student in case they panic. Most of all I’m able to encourage them individually and help them out in case they wipe out. I decided to have them wear Santa hats in the beginning to show some Holiday love. We took them off before entering the ocean. Their parents took part in watching the lesson but did not participate. Most noteworthy, when having a group lesson. Having a great instructor will definitely make the difference whether you have a good time or not. A well trained instructor can read each students capabilities. Probably your best interest is to do a little research before your surfing lesson for best results. Especially relevant when having students under the age of twelve years of age. I specialize in this area and have been well trained when dealing with kids.

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