Coral and Pam Surfing

April 8th 2019 / Goff Surf School / Laguna Beach, CA.

Coral and Pam Surfing together. First of all, this was a mother daughter surfing lesson that took place in Laguna Beach. Most noteworthy Goff Surf School had the perfect opportunity to give Coral and Pam Surfing instruction on this glorious afternoon. Consequently Pam had an accident a little while ago and was life threatening. As a result, she had to stay out of the water. Especially relevant she was an excellent water woman back in the day and was considered part Mermaid to most of her friends. Pam had to recover from injuries that had happened and wanted to return to the ocean. Coral and Pam are like two peas in a pod. They are very positive and happy go lucky type of people. Always such a pleasure to be around. Because Coral is so much like her mom Pam. They both share the love for ocean. Coral’s dad Chuck even has surfing heritage. Therefore once Coral was suited up she was ready to go, NO FEAR! I caught a couple waves with Coral, just to show her some magic. In conclusion she tapped into the energy that was out there. Pam was introduced to a educational surfing lesson. One that she probably will never forget. Finally, after about an hour in the ocean with her surf instructor. Pam was able to feel more comfortable out in the ocean. Seems Pam was starting to read her own waves with out any help from Goff.

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Coral and Pam Surfing Lesson

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