2018 Skimboard World Championship

2018 Skimboard World Championship

August 19th 2018 / Goff Tours / Laguna Beach, California.

2018 Skimboard World Championship took place in Laguna Beach, California. First of all, the best in the West showed up this year to compete in an annual competition that takes place at Aliso Beach known for it’s shore break. Due to the waves that break right on the shore gives the perfect push that these skim boarders normally ride. This season we had some swell, but the tides pushed the sand up way too far and made it difficult for these pro skimmers to show off. These on shore waves gave a challenge for this years competitors. Top Names like, Bill Bryan, Sam Stinnett, Blair Conklin, Austin Keen, Chris Henderson, Pamela Simpson, John Salinas, Daniel Norris, Jude Young, Keith Peery and Paul Carey. Especially relevant for different ages and different divisions these guys gave it their best. Finally thanks to the sponsors that help put this contest together. Special thanks to the city of Laguna for keeping the beaches clean and facilities for the spectators to use. Most oaf all, to my photographer who took the time to video tape the contest for Goff Tours.

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